The End of an Era

Well, on Thursday of this week our lives changed for ever. Lexie, called me at work to tell me that after several weeks of struggling and only intermitent functionality our microwave had stopped working. Thankfully it stopped working right after she had finished heating up her lunch, but when she opened the door, it died. Now not even the clock works.

Like any good American raised consumer children would, we knew that we had to get a new microwave… and fast, I mean, eating cold food gets old pretty quick.

So on Saturday, we headed up to the booming Municipality of Costco just south of Richmond, CA. I guess you would call Costco a commuter city, because although not many people actually sleep there, at any given time during business hours the population is well over 10,000 people.

Since we went on Saturday (which at Costco is a festival day known as FreeSample Day) the population was probably approaching 20,000. Nonetheless, after only 20min of driving the streets (parking lot) we were able to find a place to call our own (parking spot) way around the North side of town (behind the building). Then we joined the streaming masses leading to the festival.

To make a long story short we got a microwave, and 2 samples each, and two pairs of pants each, and some guacamole. It seems that the festival happens were meant only to lure us into the commercial district of this fine urban center. Nonetheless, we got what we came for, and we took our trophy home and Jamie unpacked it immediately and removed the old microwave (which we had left in place despite it’s lack of functionality in order to identify which room in our house was the kitchen). I went to put the new microwave in its place of honor, but it was too tall for the shelf… no problem, the shelf is adjustable, so we pulled everything off of it and raised the shelf above where the Microwave should sit. I tried again to put the microwave in, and this time the legs fell off the back of the shelf, then off the front of the shelf… and it turns out that the legs are about 1/2 an inch to far about to sit safely on our shelf… ok…. we got our new microwave, now we need a new shelf.

45 min of perusing Target, Ikea, and Craigslist- and we found 2 good options on Craigslist- one in our neighborhood, one in Castro Valley… emails were sent out and we were well on our way to having a new microwave AND shelf. Sweet.

But it was not to be. We went out to dinner at the Herbivore (fantastic Vegan restaurant by the way), and when we came back Jamie set up the microwave on the dining room (term used loosely) table. Everything seemed in order, except that the clock was practically invisible. The clock is digital like you would see on a writstwatch, but it isn’t backlight, and the clock is not otherwise lit in anyway… translation, unless the light is on, and shining on the clock, it cannot be seen… This is a MAJOR problem. The Microwave clock is THE go to clock in our apartment… so clearly we are going to return this microwave.

Sunday morning arrived, and we had emails waiting about microwave shelves… one of which we got today. So now we have a microwave shelf, but no microwave… so is life

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