Flying around Southwest MT with Dad

An exciting part of having the Mullins folks visit us in Montana, was the prospect of getting to do some flying around the area. Dad Mullins indulged me on July 29th for a ~3 hour flight in which we covered ~275 nautical miles, and hit at least 4 distinct mountain ranges.

route Beginning from Bozeman airport we flew north over the Bridger Range with a particular focus on Sacajawea Peak (which I hiked a few weeks earlier), then we headed north east to the remote Crazy Mountain which rise up starkly from the surrounding plains. We then headed south through the Absarok Range and into the Beartooths (not the tooth looking mountain in the pics below). Looping back over the Absaroks toward Bozemen we ended by traversing the Gallatin Range. One of the things we miss most in Massachusetts is the mountain, and I certainly got a healthy dose on this flight. Made me want to get on the ground and do some backpacking. Hopefully our family will one day do some over night trips in theses beautiful mountains. Thanks for sharing this amazing flight with me Dad! Can’t wait for more exploring in the Carbon Cub (currently under construction).



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