Glacier – Day 1

Once Jamie finished his time at PERC in Bozeman, we took the family up to Glacier for a quick 5 day trip. Lexie and Jamie had been to Glacier several years ago (Here’s a story from that trip) and both remember it as being amazing. So now we’re going back with a baby (well, 1.5 year old). Unlike the 18 hours it took us on our first trip from Oakland, it only took us about 5 hours from Bozeman with a stop for Brazilian food and awesome ice cream in Missoula (which seems like a pretty cool town).  The 5 hours still seemed long with Leena in the car… kids seem to make car trips longer somehow, but we made it alright to our (AirBnB) place in Kalispell. After spending the evening exploring downtown and buying groceries, we came back to the house and watched the opening ceremony of the Olympics on the giant TV.

The next day we headed into Glacier with a couple of options. Unfortunately, it took about an hour to really get into the park from where we stayed, but ultimately we made it in and decided to take advantage of the beautiful day to hike the Highline trail from Logan Pass to “the Haystack”. This trail was still closed (due to remaining snow) last time we visited and has been on Jamie’s lifelist since he first read about it. It follows the continential divide under massive cliffs and with breathtaking views out toward the west. It’s also a great place to see mountain goats.

The hike went well except that last 30 minutes or so were in the pouring rain (mostly because we got stuck behind a SUPER slow goat on a narrow part of the trail). Thankfully we had our rain jackets and the sunshade we’d bought for Leena’s carrier/backpack has a rain shield. We still got very wet though! Also stopped along Lake McDonald on the way back “home” and snapped some pics in the post-storm light. Enjoy the photos:

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