Glacier NP Day 2

Day 2 we went to Two Medicine Lake, which was a bit of a drive, but a part of the park we’d never been to before. Two Medicine area has it’s own entrance and the road dead-ends at two Medicine Lake where there is a ranger station, a store, and a ticket booth for boat rides. We bought tickets and for the next cross-lake boat ride to the trail that ran from the other side of the lake, further up the valley past a waterfall and to a couple more lakes. It was said that the valley was prime moose habitat so we were on the look out!

Our boat included a ranger who was going to guide a hike to the falls, so we jetted from the dock immidiately to get ahead of the crowd with hopes of making it further up the valley to see some wildlife and make it back to catch the next return boat. The valley was beautiful, but the water fall was a bit underwhelming (though we have high standards for waterfalls since Yosemite Valley is our point of comparison). We pushed deeper into the valley, but realized we needed to turn around in order to catch our preferred return-boat.

Just then we passed some women walking the other way who told us we were almost to the lake at the end of the trail and there was a big bull moose feeding out in the waters of the lake. We opted to skip the next boat and go see the moose!

Unfortunately, the moose was not there when we arrived, though we did end up seeing a nice she-moose feeding nearby. We caught the later boat back and saw a moose couple on the shore near the boat launch as we pulled away. We got home late, but seeing all the moose was worth it!


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