Day 3 in Glacier

Well, we knew we had a 5 hour drive the following day to get back to Bozeman for our flight, but we still opted for the 3 hour drive to Many Glacier, an area of the park where we’d stayed on our last visit, but was in the north east side of the park. The long drive was required because we were staying in Kalispell (south west of the park) and the Many Glacier area is accessible only from the east. Nevertheless, we really loved the area on our previous trip because of its grandeur and the many animals we’d seen in the area… so we drove.

After arriving to find the lodge under construction, we opted to hike out to Lower Grinnell Lake, which we had seen from above on our last trip when we hiked to Upper Grinnell Lake and Glacier. We’d also seen a she moose feed at the lake, though from quite a distance.

Also, there was a series of two boat trips, on two different lakes which cut down on the distance of this hike. Unfortunately, the boats were booked solid, though we were told we may be able to catch a ride on the way back (and if there were too many people to fit on the last boat of the day, they would do another run to pick up the stragglers).


The hike was beautiful and easy, as it ran lakeside along the floor of the valley. We made it to our destination (passing another fine waterfall and crossing a cable-bridge) without issue and Leena played in the shallows as squirrels stole our snacks.

On the way back we had hoped to ride the boats, but there were a ton of people waiting, and we didn’t have reserved seats. A nice couple gave us tickets for Leena and 5-month-pregnant Lexie, but Jamie ended up having to job back and meet them at the hotel. As we were loading the car, we saw the only bear of the trip – a black bear – j ust off the parking lot.

The drive back to Kalispell was long, and  the trip back to Bozeman even longer, but overall it was a great and memorable trip. Our first hiking trip with Leean seems to have been a success!



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