Welcome Jasper!

Well after a scare (and almost a whole night of contractions in the hospital) at the beginning of the month, Jasper arrived healthy and happy on¬†January 26, 2017 at 6 lbs 12oz and 20 inches long. He was born at Cooley Dickinson Hospital with the all star support staff of our Doula, and our top picks for labor nurse and midwife (who can’t be picked beforehand but are determined by who happens to be working at the time) in our first choice birthing room (the one with the big tub!

Jasper was (and remains) a much different new born (and infant) than Leena was. We basically never heard Jasper cry before we left the hospital. In contrast, Leena cried so much the first night, the nurse came and took her out to the nurses’ station so we could get some sleep.

The Griebel folks brought Leena to the hospital to meet Jasper the day after he was born and she immediately began fending people off when they approached “her brother”… even telling Grandma, “Don’t touch my brother!!!”


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