Christmas Card 2016

Hello friends and family-

We wanted to provide an update on our family and our year, but we’re (i.e.- Jamie is) too cheap to pay for a two sided Christmas card. Hence this insert.

We’re about halfway through our second year living in Hadley, Massachusetts. For those of you who are familiar with New England we’re in the Pioneer Valley in Western Massachusetts. For the rest of you, we live further east than even the Rocky Mountains, but not quite in Europe.

We’re still living in the same farm house about 3 miles from UMass Amherst, where Jamie continues to work as a professor in the Resource Economics department. We’ve gotten more involved in our church (First Baptist Amherst), and we’re now leading a parenting small group with 6 other couples, all of whom have more and/or older kids than we do. Lexie is also involved in several mom/women’s groups and we have developed a wonderful and growing community of friends.

In order (at least partially) to catch up with our small group, we’re pregnant! It has been a physically challenging 8 months for Lexie, but we’re expecting a boy on January 29th. We’re thinking of naming him Cecil Danforth Theophilus Mullins.  Feedback welcome.

[other names put in some letters were: Rupert Bigford Pennington Mullins & Bertram Theodesius Carston Mullins]

Leena turned two on October 29th, and it’s about time. It feels like she’s been two for years. Though it must be said that her improving language skills make her much more adept at asserting her will upon us now than ever before. We’re working on communicating the imminent arrival of her brother. So far she seems to understand that mommy has a baby in her belly… but so does daddy and so does Leena. More generally she is talking and learning and climbing and jumping a lot. She broke her arm in July after climbing up and falling off the back of our couch. Before you feel too bad for her though, just consider how much attention a cute little 18month old in a splint gets from EVERYBODY.

We won’t be travelling this Christmas because Leena is old enough to require her own seat on the plane (see note at top regarding Jamie’s views on spending) and because pregnant.  We will however be back in California next June & July and would love to see every one of you that sent us a Christmas card.

Much love and the Merriest of Christmases from our family to each of you,

Lexie, Jamie, Leena, Cecil (maybe), and Caya (the cat)


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