The 2017 Christmas Card

Dear friends and family,

Our family has gone through some major growth in the last year and we wanted to keep each of you up-to-date with some prominent milestones in our lives. On November 9, 2017, both our kids slept through the night for the first time. As you can imagine, this really changed everything for our family, and we wanted to share the joy of this event with each of you.

A quick update on the other aspects of our lives is also probably in order. As was implied above, we have two kids now. Jasper turned 10 months old a few days after Thanksgiving and Leena was 3 years 1 month old at that time. Jamie and Lexie are old enough that we don’t voluntarily report our ages (except gleefully when asked to provide an ID for the purchase of alcohol).

In September, Leena started going to preschool three half-days each week. At the time, this seemed like it would be simultaneously far too much for a (then) 2 year old and not nearly enough for her parents. Experience has proven the former concern unfounded, and redoubled the latter. She’s currently knocking out her gen-ed requirements before declaring a major (we’re hoping for something related to Algorithmic Complexity Theory, but her inclinations suggest something related to Disney princesses is more likely). Her fashion sense has already been making waves as the frequency with which she wore princess dresses to school has led to their wholesale ban at the institution.

Jasper Lake (a.k.a. Baby J) was born 1/26/2017 at 6 lbs 12oz and 20 inches long. He is now >20lbs and >30 inches long/tall and is just starting to army-crawl around. He has two teeth, although this doesn’t seem to limit his seemingly-endless capacity to eat. This probably explains why he is already filling out his 18 month clothes.

Lexie (who has all her teeth and has long been walking) has continued to keep our home and family balanced on a knifes-edge of stability and sanity (most of the time). Despite the ever-present threats posed by the whims of a (very self-assured) preschooler, the second law of thermodynamics at work in our house, and the convenience of subsisting completely on pizza and Taco Bell, we somehow live in a clean house, eat healthily every single day, and still love each other and our kids. I have no idea how she does it.

With each passing day Jamie is discovering more practical skills that he lacks completely. We’ve been homeowners since the end of May, and there hasn’t been a day on which more things were successfully removed from the top of the to-do list than were added to the bottom.

In other news, Jamie still has a job at UMass Amherst (though he’s been on parental leave for the Fall Semester so he hasn’t been teaching, but continued research). So far so good!

We’re staying in Massachusetts again for Christmas this year because we swore never to travel with kids ever again after being on the road for 5+ weeks this summer in two stints to California and Idaho. We have room to host guests in the new house (as long as they’re OK with crying babies and sleeping on a converted porch), and we’re starting to get a sense for the Pioneer Valley (where we live). You should therefore come and visit us soon. We can’t wait!


Lexie, Jamie, Leena, and Jasper (and Kitty Caya too)

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