Christmas Cards from Utah

This will be a short post, again based on pictures in a single theme. Today’s is Christmas card pictures… here are the pictures of people in places that are always included in Christmas cards… the people look happy (and beautiful), the places look awe-inspiring, the entire purpose of the image is to make everyone else jealous… THESE are the pictures you would be in if you’d come with us!


IMG_0938.jpgThe Obligatory photo at Bryce Canyon. We had a beautiful day, but unfortunately we only had a morning to spend in the Park (no magic hours)… we both are excited to go back and do some hiking down in the canyon… who’s up for it?



Here’s the family posed 2000 ft above the Virgin River on the edge (well as close as we could get the women-folk to stand) of Zion Canyon at Observation Point. We hiked up from the valley floor on the normal over-zealous, highly-optimistic first hike of the trip, when we were still all invincible!


After hiking up to Observation Point we need a break and some relaxation. Here we are at Mystic Hotsprings in Monroe Utah. We almost didn’t go in because the wind had seemed to have cooled the water (which flows down from the spring in a series of canals and pipes to the tubs) too much, but it turned out to be warm enough, and quite a nice desert diversion!


Until next time!



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